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We believe that Iasi has a very good and capable IT community that has grown tremendously over the last years. And now it is time to help this community to start and getting involved in creating the products that will make everyone’s lives better. For this we need to connect our technical talents with business people and technical founders to learn and share everyone’s experiences. We are creating a new way for the technical minds to get in touch with real business ideas, get inspiration from creative minds and also for our regional business ecosystem to find out more about the technical community.

The team behind the event already organised 2 international conferences - DevExperience 2016 & 2017 and it also created the most successful co-working space from Iasi - The Grape. So we have a rich experience both in big events organisation and in working and supporting product companies and helping them to get to the market.

So join us!

The plan

3 parallel tracks

Separate tracks so you can choose based on your interest.

15+ speakers

More than 15 top notch professionals from all over the world!

2 full day workshops

2 full day workshops on Innovation and Product Development.

300+ attendees

More than 300 attendees during the conference and workshops!

Who's coming to Iasi on 20 November
(more will be announced soon)

Edwin van Andel

Hacker and Security Adviser @Zerocopter

Yariv Adan

Product Lead on the Google Assistant

Mirkka Länsisalo

Lean Service Creation Lead @Futurice

Yukari Sugiyama

Change and Transformation Lead @Google

Mauro Rego

Senior UX/ UI/ Service Designer

Dan Toma

Author of 'The Corporate Startup'

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